Friday, September 12, 2008

With all these heartaches, I should buy something real.

I sigh at the universe.
I shake my fist at it.
Why do you suck so completely hardcore sometimes?

The only good thing to come out of potential heartbreak? A painting.
A fast and furious painting.
A passionate painting.

Where did it come from? Why'd I let this all start?
(I tried not to like you. You know this.)
Because I have no walls. Because I am a nice girl. I am amazing.
Because we have nothing in common but still seem to get along.
Because I really deserve to win this time.

I'd rather not be in that supporting actress role.
I want to be the lover AND the best friend.

Plan: Be patient.
Plan: Survive this weekend. Assess.
Plan: Try to get two hours of sleep.
Plan: Try to keep perspective.
Plan: Try to listen to logic, rather than my screaming heart.

(It's been not even a month. How quickly I let you into my heart.
Jury is still out, but I know every fiber of my being wants to believe you are worth it.)

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