Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cross-post: Because I am consistently dumb enough to watch the news.

Lipstick. Oy.

One: Probably a phrase to avoid after Palin made a lipstick comment.
Two: The "lipstick on a pig" phrase is a common phrase and has been used in the past by various politicians and regular people in general.
Three: I have a hard time believing that Obama, as a minority who knows struggle, is a sexist pig.
Four: I don't think he was calling Palin a pig.

HOWEVER, I could believe that he was referring to Palin in some way... a way MSNBC doesn't seem to be discussing.

Could it be that Obama is referring to Palin as the Lipstick and McCain as the Pig?

As in, McCain is not an agent of change.

By pulling Palin to be his VP, he has created a historic moment and made himself look more "change" worthy.
But it's a shallow, superficial change because she is very republican in thinking. She is not going to change much in Washington either.

He has effectively used Palin to pretty up his campaign, draw attention to it and add the all important sex appeal to it. Let's face it, she is young. She is attractive. She is a "she." Therefore many attacks on her will be twisted somehow to be sexist... just as many attacks on Clinton were twisted to be sexist as well.

It's still a man's world, but women need to stop playing the victim.

The dumbest part? I'm beginning to lose faith in the American people being intelligent enough to watch the news and see Obama's quote in context. In context, if doesn't appear to be a swipe at Palin at all.

In other news, there are some Hebrew National hot dogs in my freezer and I really want to eat them.
There is no pig in those. So it is safe to apply lipstick.

So, please stop talking about lipstick.


Georgie Hammerton said...

Very very astute post! I hadn't given that quote much thought but I love where you went with it, whether or not Obama meant what you said or not; there is no denying that its correct!


c.e.z. said...

*oink oink*

I'm still hungry for those hot dogs.

Also, I think the Obama camp needs to hire me to come up with very logical excuses for his misfires. Haha.