Saturday, September 20, 2008

Each "heartbreak" gets easier.

I don't know why straight forward honesty is so much to ask for.
Everything I have to get over... it is doable.
I can get over it.

The fact of the matter is... this one was almost expected, after the way last week went.

The heartbreak before this... that was the beast.
I still think of that one. Often.
I don't want to forget it.
I would have rather got hurt than not experienced that one at all.

Beauty in the Breakdown? That one had it. Still does.

It's not drunken honesty after you sober up.
It's just honesty. That's what I've got.

I can't stand that there is another girl who has may have been drug into a hole, Mr. Latest.
Maybe it's not a big deal, maybe she climbed right out or maybe she even just accepted the hole as much as I've accepted the latest decision made.

Still, it's not you who holds the power to hurt me most.
I apparently did not hand that power over to you, Mr. Latest.

I have to go to bed. I have a full weekend ahead of me.
Maybe I'll even get MORE homework done.

PS: Georgie -- Specifics are at my Vox. (Just to give you a heads up.)

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