Friday, July 25, 2008

Discussing politics at the dinner table.

McCain rejects 'audacity of hopelessness' for Iraq - Yahoo! News

Grow up. Ok?

These two men have vastly different takes on war.
To say that Obama is hopeless regarding Iraq is ignorant.

If you read the article, you will find that be has voted for every bill (with the exception of one) that provided funding for our troops. The fact of the matter remains that Obama did not support going to war in the first place. If we had not become involved, we would not have needed to withdraw and we could have fully focused out attention in Afghanistan, where the Taliban is regaining some ground because we are not providing ways for Afghani citizens to provide a life for their family.

I will admit to not knowing much about foreign policy, but it sounds very desperate to be making comments like this, McCain. Very desperate. Me thinks Johnnie boy is becoming a bit nervous about his political contender.

Obama is not a dumb individual. In fact, he is just the opposite.
His foreign policy experience has been put into question, so he explored the world and discussed potential policy with the leaders he would be working with, if he were president. And he's won a lot of foreign leaders over.

A good leader is one who listens, who considers multiple solutions and then picks the best one. Listening is key. Listening gets you friends and friends will back you.

And lets face it, America could use a little more international backing.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Testing from flock.

I just downloaded Flock and am making sure it's not BS-ing me with this blogging feature.

It's not. That's cool.

A day in the life of.

Today was a day like every other day.

You know, transfer services -- well, they weren't very helpful.
I grabbed a little sheet of pink paper on the way out that answered more questions than the counselor did. Hrm.

I gave myself a paper cut folding letters today that were going out to inform people that they might not actually be eligible for a scholarship they recieved an earlier letter for. (Did that make sense?)

It rained all day and even though I have an idea for a personal-beliefs/life-explanatory post, I've not the energy to type it. (The birds are just finally beginning to come out and chirp. I think it's finally drying up.)

Oh, rain -- that reminds me. Today, I walked around with a "My Little Pony" umbrella. It's pink and little. I need to get a big girl umbrella equivalent.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Something old.

So, I'm back to school... again.

I've touched on this in my introduction.

Now, I get to navigate the world of job searching... which is limited a little by my inability to work Friday mornings now due to class.

I also do not want to take on too much of a work load, since I'll be taking 5 classes total. At least one is very reading intensive. I know my Painting class will be time consuming. So, I will need time for that.

So... what to do, what to do.
I'd like to get some sort of experience in a classroom, since I have none... but I don't know where to start there.

I know I dislike office work, but I can continue it if the pay is decent. I'm going to mention that possibility tomorrow, while I'm helping Mrs. Boss Lady organize her office. If she is interested, that might be the path of least resistance. And if they don't dock my pay, it will be about twice as nice as my previous student working experience.

Sheetz (yes, a gas station) was recommended to me by a friend for the simple reason that they offer tuition reimbursement. This is something that would be really nice when it comes to paying for the next 2 or 3 years of school. At $9.25/hr, it pays better than any student worker jobs I am aware of and if I start this semester I should be able to get the tuition perk by next semester.

If I stick with my office job, I do not get the tuition perk. If I go back to student working, I will not have the tuition perk or decent pay (but a very flexible schedule). Unfortunately, Sheetz seems to offer flexible scheduling and that tuition perk. I never thought I'd consider working at a gas station.

Oh, this girl's head is spinning. I need to figure something out that will work.

It is going to storm now. It is windy. It's wonderful.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Something new.

It's been a year since I've started "blogging."

This is my more public venture into it.

In this blog I would like to include my observations and musings on a variety of interests. Current events, art and art history, words of others (with proper credit, of course) and words of my own.

Hopefully this doesn't turn out to be lame.

A little about me, to hold you over:

My name is Christina. I am 22 years old, currently. I have recently discovered that I want to be an Art Education major. I've been in college for 4 years and probably have at least another 2 to go now. I've been through a Graphic Design program and a Photography program. (So I have two associate degrees.)

I love art history. They were always my favorite classes (besides my Human Sexuality class). I think this is why Art Education sounds so appealing to me.

I also love to read and write. Which brings me to my next possibility, Secondary Education English. Also a possibility... maybe I'll do both.

I am fascinated with the world around me and am sometimes disgusted by it. I am in love with hope and possibilities. I dislike practicality at times. I am a dreamer and always will be. I am idealistic and I feel if more people were the same way, the world would be a better place.

I am me and I am still discovering myself.
And I usually feel I'm right.
But I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong.

I don't take myself too seriously and you will probably find me using :-) and ;-) in some cases. I apologize if this takes away from all my scholarliness. (Oh, yes... I do have a habit of occasionally creating words.)