Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Something new.

It's been a year since I've started "blogging."

This is my more public venture into it.

In this blog I would like to include my observations and musings on a variety of interests. Current events, art and art history, words of others (with proper credit, of course) and words of my own.

Hopefully this doesn't turn out to be lame.

A little about me, to hold you over:

My name is Christina. I am 22 years old, currently. I have recently discovered that I want to be an Art Education major. I've been in college for 4 years and probably have at least another 2 to go now. I've been through a Graphic Design program and a Photography program. (So I have two associate degrees.)

I love art history. They were always my favorite classes (besides my Human Sexuality class). I think this is why Art Education sounds so appealing to me.

I also love to read and write. Which brings me to my next possibility, Secondary Education English. Also a possibility... maybe I'll do both.

I am fascinated with the world around me and am sometimes disgusted by it. I am in love with hope and possibilities. I dislike practicality at times. I am a dreamer and always will be. I am idealistic and I feel if more people were the same way, the world would be a better place.

I am me and I am still discovering myself.
And I usually feel I'm right.
But I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong.

I don't take myself too seriously and you will probably find me using :-) and ;-) in some cases. I apologize if this takes away from all my scholarliness. (Oh, yes... I do have a habit of occasionally creating words.)


Dave said...

Welcome to blogspt

c.e.z. said...

HI! :-)

(See, there's already one of those ":-)")