Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A day in the life of.

Today was a day like every other day.

You know, transfer services -- well, they weren't very helpful.
I grabbed a little sheet of pink paper on the way out that answered more questions than the counselor did. Hrm.

I gave myself a paper cut folding letters today that were going out to inform people that they might not actually be eligible for a scholarship they recieved an earlier letter for. (Did that make sense?)

It rained all day and even though I have an idea for a personal-beliefs/life-explanatory post, I've not the energy to type it. (The birds are just finally beginning to come out and chirp. I think it's finally drying up.)

Oh, rain -- that reminds me. Today, I walked around with a "My Little Pony" umbrella. It's pink and little. I need to get a big girl umbrella equivalent.

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