Wednesday, October 22, 2008


As I paid my speeding ticket, all I could think of was... I need a cigarette.

Mind you, I'm not a smoker.
I've smoked a few in my life only during very stressful times.
(My self-destructive period, if you will.)

For some reason, yesterday, the urge was very strong.
(But, no, I did not stop and buy some.)

I drank a beer yesterday two hours after taking Tylenol.
I was afraid I did irreversible damage to my liver.
But my liver doesn't hurt, so I think I'm ok.

Someone want to throw a conflict at me for my NaNoWriMo?
I was going to base it on my own life until I realized my life is very boring.

I have to shower now and start highlighting Myer-Briggs information.

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My said...

I think I would have gone for the cigarette so well done you! :)