Sunday, October 19, 2008

I don't get to talk to you anymore.

Today was not as awesome as I hoped for. I recieved my first speeding ticket.

Also, currently, I am in a mood. One of those where I'm laying in my bed and I realize just how alone I will be when I get my own place. (But I still want to have my own place.)

I'm cold. I'm lonely. This too shall pass, but it's how I feel.
Some days it just bothers me more than other days.
That's all.

I wish I could just fall asleep, but my mind won't let me.
(Which is especially detrimental on theses lonely feeling nights.)

I have to work tomorrow.
I should call the district justice person guy as well.

I get my nails done tomorrow after work too.
I feel fiscally irresponsible right now.


My said...

Oh man, that's rotten luck on the speeding ticket! I was clocked doing 98mph on the motorway (limit of 70mph) over the summer; I feel your pain! *cuddles* x

Georgie Hammerton said...

That is horrible luck on the speeding ticket; I'm still trying to resolve one I got in the summer myself so I feel your pain.. *cuddles*