Sunday, October 5, 2008

Politics tire me, can I just vote already?

Apparently the Republican party, more specifically Palin and McCain, are trying to tie Obama to Bill Ayers and to the bombings that Ayers is linked to that occurred... in the 70s.

Did that sentence make sense? Anyway, yeah.
Obama was a child when the bombing happened.

I believe I talked about this before.
Anyway, Barack Obama and Bill Ayers met in the 90s.
They worked together on a non-profit educational organization's board.
This organization dispersed funds to Chicago area schools.

They also served together on a board of an anti-poverty organization.

Oh, and Obama has publicly denounced any bombings that occurred in the 70s by the group Ayers was associated with.

Personally, I feel it's pathetic that McCain-Palin feels it is necessary to criticize Obama's work with legitimate, non-profit organizations.

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