Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An idea for some NaNoWriMo characters.


And the lies? It was so easy to lie to him. I told him so many times I loved him, just to ignore him in his times of need, when he was longing for me. He’d never let anyone know his pain. He was a sufferer. Sometime I think he took pride in that.

He was beautiful though, I’ll give him that, and quite a lay. That was the only time where his obsessive drive to please me was not a turn off. Perhaps that’s why I left him hanging on so long. I’ll probably continue to interfere in his life for a while too. There’s something about the carnal way he pleases me – the way he wants to taste every square inch of me – I know that’s what keeps him coming back.

If only he could do it and not be in love with me.
It's so annoying.


character sketchiness


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