Sunday, October 19, 2008


I read some "I wrote this for you" posts.
They almost always make me think of the same person.
Especially the ones full of longing and the word "miss" because I do that a lot.

No matter how many times I write the words "a lot" I always write "alot" first and that is wrong.

I am up way too early today. I have to take an education exam.
Last night I summarized 3 articles for my Environmental class.
I wanted to do more. Perhaps I will get a chance Tuesday and Wednesday to actually get shit done.
Those are my first two days off from work.

While I will miss the extra cash, I am glad to have a day or two off because I feel like I am eyeball deep in schoolwork debt.

I'm going to give myself an hour to truly wake up and catch up on my newsy stuff before I take this exam. Afterwards, I might go for breakfast with my sister and give J a ring. Perhaps I will introduce myself to paintball today.

If he answers his phone, that is.

This afternoon, I have a date with a three year old and her mommy.
Then I'm going to try to talk my dad into driving to an AT&T store with me to... buy my iPhone (or at least a new phone).

I'm still kind of back and forth about whether I really NEED to be able to access the internet on my phone. It's extra money, after all. And I am poor and hoping that the position at the bank might open up to being full time.

Right now, all I want (after this semester is over) is to work full time, have some benefits and perhaps be able to afford my own place. I would love to have my own space where I can come and go as I please.

Not that I can't here... but if I bring someone home, well... that's awkward some times.

I leave you with this:

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Georgie Hammerton said...

OMG! OMG! iPhone! Yay! :)

Alas! ..can't watch Hulu in the UK