Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The morning after.

I'm sure some of the people reading this may feel like they slept with the ugly duckling at the bar and have many regrets this morning. I, personally, am not one of those.

I am ecstatic that Obama won. And idealist, intellectual, optimistic man has won the presidency.
Now, I just hope he makes real changes, like he's promised.

But, for those who may feel the political hangover.
Or feel the need to move out of the country* (which if you're looking for a "less liberal" country that isn't repressed, let me know where you find it)...

Here's a reminder.
The United States cannot pass budgets or tax plans or new programs through the president alone. Congress needs to approve. There are checks and balances.

Not to mention, I feel that Obama is open minded enough that he will listen to people who challenge him and take their thoughts into consideration. He appears, to me, that he genuinely wants to bring people together.

He's not a socialist. He has an idealist core. He wants to help those who need help. He feels that sharing is part of the American ideal. (Personally, I feel the same way. Sometimes we need to help those around us to maintain our own well being.)

That being said, the system itself needs a bit of an overhaul to get it back to a point where only those who need the help are getting it. We should not reward laziness. That should never be the point of "handouts." That's a whole different political posting, however.

Here's to the hope that this can, at least, change some of the ugliness that surfaced during the election regarding "funny names" and race. Here's to a more open minded nation and one that is open to healthy dialogue.

Here's to actually changing minds and giving a voice to those who felt they had none.
Let's try to make America awesome again.

PS: I will go back to my pointless rambling later today, I promise.

* I was only going to leave the country if Palin became president. If McCain had won and stayed healthy and alive, I would have remained in the country.

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My said...

VICTORY FOR AMERICA! Woopie! I was SO happy when Obama won! Bring on the 20th of January! :D x