Friday, August 14, 2009

Dear Limited Readers...

Ok, so I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Lush before. If I haven't, let me introduce you.


Soaps, shampoos, lotions and massage bars (etc.) made with natural (or safe synthetics) ingredients.

Anyway, I bought some awesome shampoo and soap when I was in DC (in Georgetown, if you're there and planning on shopping -- I also recommend Paper-Source).

When I got home, I got the itch for more Lush stuff, so in a moment of fiscal irresponsibility, I bought Mask of Magnaminty, Karma shampoo and got a free sample of Vanilla Delite lotion. (The shipping is a little outrageous, but face masques and lotions weigh a lot.)

When I opened the box, my Mask of Magnaminty was wet. I figured it was just a loose cap, so I dried the container off and sat it by the sink. I used it a few days later and I see a ring of wetness around the bottom. Again, I assume water got splashed up, so I dry it up.

A week later (approximately) I go to use it again and I see the same ring. When I open the product, it is noticeably drier (not TOO dry, I can still use it). Now I know it's leaking... so I contact Lush and tell them all this.

And what do they do?


They offer to send me another Mask of Magnamity!
Considering I have a big jar though (it's definitely usable once I transfer it to a better container) and the expiration date is approximately 3 months from now, I express interest in one of the samples they sent me.

So, they gave me the option. I can:
A) get another jar of Mask of Magnaminty, no charge.
B) get a refund of the purchase price put back on my credit card or
C) get a jar of Dark Angel (the sample I loved) + a refund of the difference in price to my credit card.

Well, hell. I chose C. That's awesome!

I loved Lush before... now I wish it was a man so I could marry it.


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