Thursday, July 16, 2009

a [lowercase] post.

things to avoid :: thinking.

because my thinking has inevitably led me to ponder things that were said to me. things that were not meant, or were at least exaggerated. i'd rather people not say anything to me if they're going to change their mind/feelings a day/week/month later. wishy-washy pisses me off, it seems.

that i feel stupid for thinking about it at all, but what can you do?

in other news, i have the weekend off and i have every intention of staying in bed late and finishing "gods behaving badly" by marie phillips. i also have a book waiting for me at the library, so i'll pick that up too. i'm doing nothing by sleeping, eating, reading and maybe some artsy stuff. i am going to lock myself away.

friday night, i might be hitting up the melting pot with allison. that will be both expensive and fun. we love our dates.


f1trey said...

have a good weekend!!!!

c.e.z. said...

I will! If it ever gets here!