Thursday, July 23, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic.

I have to say, this is one of the few times I thought the movie was better than the book and here's why:

While the movie is entirely unrealistic, (i.e. Everything's ok in the end and she snags the man) at least she has to sacrifice something to get there. In the movie, she gives up her wardrobe, even her green scarf. In the book, she gives up... nothing.

Though, I do like that Derek Smeath is not a slimy mean man who embarrasses her on TV. In that respect, the book is better.

Anyway... she doesn't give up ANYTHING in the book. She simply writes an actual piece of investigative journalism... and she IS a journalist... so she could have done that from the start. It just seems like she stumbled across a career lottery. The story ends with her ordering herself a treat. There was no moral of the story.

Yeah, so I'm slightly disappointed, but I still enjoyed Kinsella's writing style, so I'll read one of her books again. Maybe I won't be so disappointed if I'm not comparing it to a movie (which is completely different) the entire time.

I'm going back to Stephanie Plum now. Book 4 arrived in the mail Tuesday! I think I'll give "Jennifer Johnson Is Sick Of Being Single" a try after that. (Library-borrowing this one, because I've come to the conclusion that chick-lit is fun to read, but not worth an investment -- generally speaking.)

Do you guys have any suggestions? What book should I read? It doesn't have to be chick lit, in fact, I'd welcome a change in scenery. :)

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f1trey said...

really good...illusions richard paperback... 3 days tops to wont be disapointed...