Thursday, May 7, 2009

P365: "Three"

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One of my favorites so far.
Simplicity makes me smile.

And now for the boring stuff called "life," an update of sorts.

I'm working full-time. I know, right?
I guess I'm [finally] becoming a grown-up or something like it.

Anyway, my new goal is (1) getting my own place ASAP (because it's about time!) and (2) paying down my not-so-big-but-too-big-for-me debt.

A list of things I will need for when I get out of this place and into my own?
- A bigger bed (and therefore, bedsheets)
- A couch.
- A fabulously beat up coffee table.
- Fabulously beat up bookshelves. (These things need to be beat up so I can have my way with them, creatively.)
- Internet.
- Frames and photos. (Because I'm going to need color in my life.)
- A mirror.
- Silverware, glasses and plates. (Bowls too, I suppose.)

In other words, I should probably still plan on selling my soul to the highest bidder because all of that costs money that I don't have yet. Haha.


Kzinti said...

Love the green growth versus the hard cold stone, decay... Very nice.

c.e.z. said...

Thank you Kzinti! :)