Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I can count the people I find easy to love on one hand.

There are few people I can love in an unconditional manner, in a "no matter what they are or who they do" sort of way.

A sure sign that you're on that list?

1- A comment about my overabundance of mucus makes me smile. Haha.
Oh, Eric. I love and miss you. Haha.

2 - I turn Gilmore Girls on for you before you step in the door.
Allison, I lucked out when sisterhood was thrust upon me. :)

3 - When you have a bad day and I have a bad day, we walk around town aimlessly each immersed in our own complaints and listening to the others.
Megan. Oh dear, as special as you are... you rock.

Of course, I love my parents unconditionally too.
In fact, anyone that I love, I love unconditionally... but most don't make it easy.

I'm just sayin'.
I like that these people make it easy. ;)

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