Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What I've been up to lately.

I realize it's been a while.

Friday night, Dane Cook::

Allison (my current partner in crime) and I went to see Dane. Yes. We're on a first name basis now, ok? It was a blasty-blast. Allison screamed obnoxiously as he came out and we laughed so hard -- even at the two opening acts, which I expected were not going to be as fun as the main act, but they were. They were great.

I can never remember their names though, damn it. One was an Al and the other a Robert.

Of course I bought a $35 t-shirt and a window cling (for each of us).

Tuesday night (aka: last night), Owl City::

The concert was good. Tweenage and teenage girls are such an annoying set though and unfortunately they made up 50% of the audience. Another 25% were their parents and the remaining were faculty and college students.

The music was good. (It was also too loud though. You know how things get real hard to understand, almost muffled, when it gets too loud. It was like that.) Adam Young (I learned his name last night, haha) is a pretty good performer, and I developed a girlcrush on the violinist. Damn, she was just adorable! The keyboardist/back-up singer too.

Actually, all the girls were cute. I wish I was any one of them.

I didn't buy anything at the show because (a) tweens and teens are annoying and (b) I'm so broke, it's sad.

Allison pointed out on girl who was applying blue chapstick to her lips for at least 5 minutes. She was hoping the girl's lips would turn blue. Sadly, they did not, but she did have a bunch of shine all up her upper lip. Shmexy.

A crappy side note::

My credit card bill is not what I'd like it to be. I ate out too much. And Christmas is a bummer. :(
Next month is a new month. It will all be ok. *sigh*

Back to the point of it::

So that's what I've been up to. I took the morning off to recuperate, though I probably wouldn't have needed to. It's nice to be laying in bed in a quiet house. Lovely. :)

I think I'll wait to do yoga until AFTER work. I'm just going to enjoy this quiet for now.

Before I go, a photo::

Allison's cell phone takes better pictures than my BB. Fail.
We're still trying to figure out how we look like sisters, if at all.



Craftsman of light said...

i read soime of your earlier posts.....i 'm always touch by anything that makes us human,keep writing girl!

Jenny said...

Haha I can totally brother and I look nothing alike!