Thursday, April 23, 2009

I read some words that made me cry.

When I read things like that, I think of you. Automatically.
I can't stop it because I wanted to whisper in your ear... "It's your turn now. Show me you feel the same."

I was happy when you kissed me... when your hands found the small of my back.
No one else has ever felt so right.
Chills traveled up my back. I was completely yours. You were mine. I felt vulnerable and safe and excited and calm and like I belonged there. That moment was meant to be ours. I'll never forget.

I wanted to wrap myself around you. I wanted to protect you. I wanted to be protected. I never wanted that one moment to stop.

Now, I can be unreasonably mad at you and with a few words, I smile for you.

It will always be that way.
I will smile at you, always, even if it's through tears.

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