Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sobered Alcohol

It's funny how my mind is quickly sobered by the addition of alcohol.
Everything seems so obvious now... without logic clouding my vision.

Accidental confessions that were already known.
Colors that tried to flow out of my fingertips.

Artistic muses turned into an artistic muse.

I smile as the music just... matches up with my heartbeat.

("Accidental Babies" by Damien Rice)

Well, I held you like a lover, happy hands -- your elbow in the appropriate place. And we ignored our others, happy plans -- that delicate look upon your face. Our bodies moved and hardened hurting parts of your garden with no room for a pardon in a place where no one knows what we have done.

(This is disjointed because I have become a lightweight, officially.
The equivalent of two shots of SoCo should not make you introspectively tipsy. It did do its job in making me sleepy though.)

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